Sunday, 15 October 2017

Stock Watch : Dialog

Dialog : Sold at RM2.18 recently and see if I could grab back at RM2.08 - RM2.12 level.

Buy into uptrending stocks ... and selling at reversal, buyback at pullback.


Stock Watch : Aemulus

Tonight, I would like to share about what traders do need to prepare ahead of a tradng week.

Being a trader : Preparations

Sun, Oct 15, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Sunday, 8 October 2017

Stock Watch : MRCB

I m currently day-trading and short-term trading MRCB. Surged in the morning ... sell and buyback 3-4 bits lower.

Another day-trading candidates are  : Hibiscus, Frontkn, VS-wa in my list.


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

RM1 stocks

CAB : moved back up to RM1

Malakof : Back to RM1 level to buy?

KPJ : After adjustment of dividends and split, it is back to RM1 level, to consider.

Mitra : buy at current with cut-loss RM1? Mitra gapped down ... and from RM1.30 plus, it is reaching for RM1.

VS-wa : At 1.07 now, also surged and breakout RM1 yesterday. I m still holding some.

LayHong ... also moving bove RM1, after adjustment of prices.

Which RM1 stocks do you like?


Saturday, 30 September 2017

Technology vs Construction

And the winner for 2017 is .... "Technology" ... you may want to plot all the indices together and compare them.
This is just to show why I changed from trading construction ... into tech-stocks in 2017.
Then ... all would be wondering ... is the tech-rally over-heated or ... the trend is over?
e-meeting : TIMING
Sun, Oct 1, 2017 9:15 PM - 10:15 PM +08
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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Steel in correction mode

Morning ... end-Sept.

KLCI has been dropping for days now ... and see if it will rebound later.

Steel : having correction now ... and we shall see if any light shining later.

Lionind : took the hammer but it failed me and I have to cut-loss yesterday.

Masteel : after ex-bons yesterday morning was 'green' but then ... selling came it.

LeonFB : After I sold at the shooting star ... it has been dropping for few days. From 90cents to 80cents level now.

These are three steel-stocks I traded when it was UP ... and exited all. Now, need to check if the correction is 'over' soon to buyback.


Monday, 25 September 2017

Stock Alert : Sendai

Sendai : breaking support ... and I have to exit yesterday with cut-loss 84.5, at the moment is 81.5cents.

Support broken, sell. Don't really follow news and dont know why it is diving so sharply and I m attracted.  I think Uncle Koon still holding to his positions, perhaps maybe adding into her.

As fundamentalist, one would average it down (discounted price) but as traders, we have to sell first and see if we could buy lower at next support for technical-rebound trade.

It is strong downtrend now ... and risk is high.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sept day #11

Yesterday was not a good day for me ...

Trade #1 : Done well in LeonFB ... bought a day before and sold for pofit. Have to sell as it formed shooting star, and failed to breakout.

Trade # 2 : Another stock I bought overnight but it failed to go higher yesterday and I had to cut-loss it (as it broken 62.5 cents)

Trade # 3 : CAB bought at 99.5, but have to sell at cost 99.5 (still lose the fees).

Trade #4 : Sendai : Caught her at bottom 84.5 but sold 85.5, was planning 86. It closed at 86.5 ... profit to cover fees.

Trade #5: AirAsia :Sold off for small profits as it has no follow thru after the breakout.

Trade #6 : AA-c53 ... greed inside , bought 17cents market, cut-loss 16.5cents, instead.

Still one trade in hand ... see i could sell for profit. Over-trading and wiltake a pause ... no mood after watching Liverpool lost their game ...

That is my update for yesterday's trades.


Monday, 18 September 2017

O&G in play?

It is becoming hard to update ALL my trades here as I have many. Join me in my trades, then.

Yesterday, I cut-loss in LayHong as it failed to breakout ... traded AirAsia-c53 well. Sendai failed me too, so ... another cut-loss done.

So ... yesterday, the score was 1 - 2

I have another 4 stocks I bought yesterday and will be selling them, if profit-target achieved. Ad searching for my next trade.

DOW at new high ... we are not.

Some activities seen in O&G counters which I will check on them, besides tech and steel.

This is Dayang ... notice the volume ... something is emerging from here.

Time to go. Have a nice trading day.



Thursday, 14 September 2017

Sept Day #6 (part III)

Trade #22  : SKPres

SKPres ... bought on breakout but failed on me. So, this is a small loss trade.

Score : 15 -7

Trade # 23 : MMSV ... this is a another good trade. Can't remember the details to write and too many back-log as I took yesterday off.

Score : 16 - 7

Trade # 24 : Luxchem ... this is short .. day-trade and was fast. Good trade.

Score : 17 - 7

Trade # 25 : Krono ... greed and taken back Krono but sold before closing due to not good candle.

Score : 17 - 8

Trade # 26 : TunePro ... sold at RM.18, bought a week ago at RM1.14.

Score : 18 - 8

As I m writing now, Magni hit RM6.23 ... but saw it too late at RM6.38 ... now RM6.42, hard to catch.

Today's: done with VS-wa ...touch-n-go ... first done trade today. Sold 88.5 too early as it hit 92cents, craziness ... I grabbed in opening, too fast.

Update later.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Sept Day #6 (part 2)

trade # 19 : ChooBee

ChooBee : Sold in morning when I saw weakness in steel-counters at 2.36, It closed with no good candle. Exited. Bought at breakout 2.28 - 2.31

Score : 15 - 4

Trade #20 : TRC

TRC : sold for small losses t0 83.5 yesterday. Today up a bit to 84, waiting for breakout 86cents to reconsider. Previous day, I was queueing to sell at 86.5, but it only hit 86cents.

Score : 15 - 5

Trade # 21 : HSSEB

HSSEB : It was a mistake to buy in morning as it surge, but momentum fzzled ... and I have to sell for losses (tho small). this is my 6th losses.

Score : 15 - 6

Trade #22 : SKPres

Trade #23 : MMSV

Trade #24 : Luxchem

Trade #25 : Krono

Trade #26

updtae more later.

today's : mmsv, luxchem done.

e-meeting : talk about NOISES

Noises : What it takes to be traders?

Tue, Sep 12, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

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Monday, 11 September 2017

Sept Day #6 : Short Term Trades

trade #16 : MMSV

As I bought her at RM1.75 yesterday during sell-down ... and sold her at RM1.79 for my day-trade (it was done in 10 min or so), then rebounded strongly for me to buy for me to BUYBACK at closing price.

Sold all this morning RM1.89 for another good trade. Take good profits in few good trades, making sure our losses are 'small'.

Score : 12 - 4

trade #17 : Krono

Krono : This is another stock which I bought during selldown ... hit 89.5, i took at 90.5cents and sold at 92.5cents. Done .... and wait for closing. Well, it closed at good 95 level which I bought back. Just sold off at 99cents done, it is at RM1 now.

Note : WHO said hammer cannot buy ... are you are trader and understand how hammer works? Which is strong hammer and which is not?

Score : 13 - 4

I dont know about others ... for me, I do trade hammer very well. TQ.

Trade # 18 : VS-wa

Sold VS-wa at 79cents my past portion ... and won't be taking her anymore as it is too strong. Let others to chase. hit 80cents just now ... i m out. HIGH RISK at current level. Mommy at new high RM2.50 now and baby in-money.

Score : 14 - 4

Will update as i still have few 'live' trades on-going ... and need to sell for profit or loss.

IQGroup rebounded today .... zzz ....


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sept day #5 : Short-term trades

Day 5 : Trade #10 : LionInd

LionInd : As I have planned and shared during e-meeting last night, I will be trading some steel-counters. So, when I saw LionInd moving up, I grabbed and bought during pullback till 1.28 ... and sold all before lunch at 1.34 (hit 1.36 high). Day-trade done.

So ... the score is 9 - 1.

Trade # 11 : MMSV

MMSV : this was fast ... hit my RM1.75 buy queue and parked at RM1.79 to sell. Done in less than 15minutes. Closed 1.78 for lunch. Most probably I won't buyback unless it dives to Rm1.71 again for me to consider.

The Score : 10 - 1

I m clearing one counter at the moment for a loss ... my second for Sept.  Will update later.

9pm : updating my trades

Trade # 12 : Serbadk

Serbadk : no follow-thru from Friday ... and I have to cut-loss today. So, this is my 2nd loss

Score : 10 - 2

Trade # 13 : VS-wa

VS-wa : took it for a short-ride today, touch-n-go ... and done!! In fact, it closed higher ... new high at 77cents with mommy VS hittig new high again today. The risk is high now ... so, I need to let her go till pullback again to re-consider.

Score : 11 - 2

Trade # 14 : AirAsia

AirAsia : while it hit new high this morning, it closed with bad candle and forcing me to cut-loss. It was a mistake to rush to buy in morning ... amateurish blunder.

Score : 11 - 3

Trade # 15 : IQGroup

IQGroup : I queued 3.35 as it broken RM3.50 support ... done at 3.35 but as market was closing, I sold at RM3.33 for small losses. My 4th.

Score : 11 - 4


e-meeting : STEEL counters

e-meeting : STEEL counters

Sun, Sep 10, 2017 9:30 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Thursday, 7 September 2017

My trades : #7 to #9

Day 4

Trade #7 :  Mitra

I bought Mitra yesterday at 1.09 and 1.10, as it gapped up in morning with volume ... and didnt know about some good news out (later on) and this morning, I sold it off at opening RM1.13 and RM1.12.

It is Friday ... time to clear stock and take back funds , being a short-term trader.

trade #8 : Aemulus : I bought into her 2 days ago ... a nice white hammer. BUT ... it failed to rebound. I bought at 60.5 and 61 cents.

Today, as I m in selling mode ... I sold off at 60.5 cents, incurring my FIRST losing trade for Sept. The loss is small ... and that is the idea.

LOSE SMALL if the trade not working well.

trade #9 : VS-wa : Wanting to sell her at 74cents ... but then, it is Friday!! I want to go jalan-jalan after lunch ... being monitoring and focus for 3days!! So ... today is relax day ... SELL. Sold her at 72.5 cents for good profit.

The score : 8 - 1 for this week #1

note : all these trades are shared 'live' with my trading group. 

have a nice weekend.


Day-trade #2 to #6

Yesterday was my 3rd day in Sept that I started to focus in day-trading.

Join me : or

Day 2 : Trade #2 Luxchem

Luxchem split on Wednesday ... so, it became a penny and active ... well, we all read about TKO's adding Luxchem into his portfolio. So, using that piece of news, I waited for the split and trade on it. It was hanging around 78-79 in the morning ...but then started to surge after lunch. I grabbed at market 80.5 ... and added up to 82cents. Parked to sell at 85cents, it was done!!

Day-trading is difficult as we need EXPERIENCES and ... of coz some luck. It cloed 84.5 but I didnt buyback. This is good and above my average profit-target.

Yesterday, it gapped up to open at 86 cents ... and I queued to take it at 83 pullback, hit 84 and mine not done. Cancelled the queue and focus in others!!

Well, DOW down by 234 points a night before but unfortunately, KLSE no diving for me to go shopping.

Day 3 : Thu 7th

With North Korea fear clearing, it is time to be back to markets!!

Trade #3 : CAB

CAB : It was a 1.04-1.05, so I queue to buy 1.02 and 1.03. It came down and hit my 1.03 queue ... done. So, my target is 1.08 resistance but checking the momentum, it is not as strong ... and I have to queue 1.06 to sell. It hit 1.06 but mine not done. So, I soldit off at R1.05 for my day-trade profit. Slightly below my profit-target (for each trade, my aim is to earn RM200 - RM400). Well, still a profit.

Trade #4 : OCNcash

Bought this one in the opening 70cents as it gapped up and with volume. It was active dring opening but then ... cool off, resting at 70-70.5. I queued another portion to buy at 69.5 but it never pullback. So, I queue to sell at 73cents resistance. I do not check on her ... after lunch, it surged and mine done!! Average profit target achieved.

Trade #5 : Masteel

As we know ... some steel-counters in play ... and awaiting breakout. I grabbed market 1.27 breakout and q to buy 1.25 and 1.26. My 1.26 eventually done after some time bt due to strong momentum, it didnt look back ... I queued to sell at 1.30 for my profit-target ... and have to wait till after 4pm ... it went to clear 1.30, and closed a good white-candle at 1.32.

Being a day-trader, we exit our position .. unless I have larger positions done, andif a good candle-stick formed during closing ... I may want to sell half, and keep half for the next day!! This is what I done for my next trade!!

VS-wa : I bought 70.5cents market in the morning, and then 70cents done too. I m surprised that 69.5 cents queue was taken too. Done.

It was not moving as mommy VS at 2.37 level ... and hitting 2.39. Then, mommy starts to move aheadof 2.40 resistance ... and hit 2.41 ... andVS-wa starts to move too. After lunch, it hit my 71cents target. Done. But seeing the momentum, I bought bac at 71 and 71.5 ... only to sell half at closing price 72.5. Holding on to the other half for today ... to fight again the next day, as traders. haha.

So for ... in 3 days, I have done more than 6 trades ... the others not done yet. Once done ... win or lose, I will post it here.

Every trades done is shared 'live' in my closed-group.

So ... if you wish to trade together with me ... doing short-term trading, contact me at

or can check me at my facebook page :

Have a nice trading day ... for me it is day #4 .

Need to have breakfast and prepare for my trades.


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Day-trade #1 : IQGroup

IQGroup : day-trading this one done well ... bought RM3.60, my queue at 3.55 and 3.50 not done. Sold off at RM3.70 and it closed higher at RM3.79

I m going to try to catch one-day per day. If I could get 2-3 trades, and done well ... that would be the bonus.

the idea is to profit 'small' but consistent.

Make sure losses is small and also... cose the position before closing. Hit target, get out.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Idea : Trading for living

As we are going to trade 'often', then we have to

#1 check for LOWEST commision/fees and

#2 : trade liquid stocks only.

Good morning ... "Trading for a living" is in many minds .... to be able to stay at home (or anywhere we wanted to be) and earn money from trading markets!! Indeed ... it is the best of job : click buy-sell and money coming in our trading accounts and then, by end of month ... we withdrew some money for our salary!!

It sounds GREAT.

KLCI weekly chart ... sideway range : 1750 to 1800. So ... long around 1750plus and short around 1790plus.

So ... today is an off day, and will be using the day to prepare for my trades ahead with determination to do better.

Technical-analysis is only 10%-15% in trading. LISTEN to that ... those trainers out there are NOT traders as they teach 'theories' which they do not back-test and not earning money from trading.

Equip ourselves with KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE.

#1 : Market Wizards

#2 : Market Mind Games

#3 : Thinking Fast and Slow

#4 : One Good Trade

#5 : Trading in The Zone

#6 : Psycho-cybernetics

I highlighted the books that I have seen before and read 'few pages' from there. Will grab them into my kindle.

Have to start to update my funds as I sold almost all my stocks ahead of the long weekend.


Saturday, 2 September 2017

PER and Property stocks

Good morning ... was reading The Edge, as usual on Sunday morning ... while having breakfast.

Then ... I saw this few abbreviations (FA) which I feel newbies need to learn. So, I posted to my group-chatbox to share with them and for this week, will like to share with them the terms.

The  most common one should be PER : The price/earning ratio ... the lower, the better of coz.

When we compare the PER, do take account into their SECTORS.

For example : many properties-counters are trading at single digit PER while those tech-counters that I m trading currently demanding more than 20-30 level ... some even above 50 PER.

Also ... the leaders in the sector demanding higher PER, obviously.

So ... look for those laggard in the sectors, which earnings still improving while the stock price has not shoot for the sky.

How do we do that?

Just go to your trading platform ... and zoom into sectoral-analysis : click PER for all the stocks in the sector!!

Going to show my members how to do that ... so that all would be able to understand how to check PER and how we should NOT take the PER on face-value.

My Maybank's platform showing L&G's PER is currently at  PER 11.96.

L&G : Low at 21cents ... PER's at 12.

So ... can we buy into L&G?

Land and General ... a very old company, indeed.

Check them out in youtube

PER for UEMS and Ecoworld  at 35 level.

Personally, I will not buy into property-stocks ... mostly sideway or downtrending.

One of the remaining uptrend property counter I could see is UOADev (hold) ... besides some REITS.

Recently, TAGB activated ... with news around IWCity, Ekovest and Malton leaving the main-stream news.

As I m not not monitoring property-stocks ... I m not aware of many cooperate exercise, such as right-issues in L&G. Even listing of Ecoworld-International ... I didnt follow much.

My focus is still at TECH (since Dec 2016), which many trading at high PER.

Penta : I started trading her when it was at 90cents breakout ... today, it is trading around RM5 and with PER around 25.

While I still like Penta, I would prefer VS ... or Unisem.

Ok ... learn the most common term : PER. It is not as easy as just a numerical value. While generally it is true to buy into lower PER stocks, it is not the right way of valuating a stock!!

Have a nice trading week ... as I m preparing for Sept (a spooky month) ahead.

To join my trading group, contact me at e-mail :


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Stock Watch : GTronic

GTronic : Recovered from the selldown ... and now inching higher ... potential breakout. Watch for higher volume by next week.


Friday, 25 August 2017

Stock Watch : AMBank

AMBank : Watching it dropping after the 'announcement'. This is a weekly chart ... take a note of the highlighted overbought region ... and read the candle sticks there ... it is a SELL around RM5.40 so that we could buyback lower.

There is a confusion on how technical indicators being used. Use them sparingly ... do not over-rely on indicators and put many indicators in your chart.

Waiting to buy AmBank around RM4, which I bought previously but sold too early.


Sunday, 20 August 2017

e-meeting : Uptrend vs Downtrend

Uptrend vs Downtrend trading

Sun, Aug 20, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Will like to talk about trading UPTRENDing stocks, rather than DOWNTRENDing ones.

Join me to discuss further.




Wednesday, 16 August 2017

US : Over-valued?

"Overvalued, no matter how you measure prices "

A good read on the above ... tho I am still positive in the equities ... and focus tech-related stocks, I m cautious too.

Waiting for KLCI take the 1800 level off ... to see new bull running, yet again.

Time to do some reading.


Stock Alert : Sendai

Sendai : should not break RM1.03 ... and if below RM1, technically it is a SELL.


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Waterfalls list : Part 1

Karex : losing more than 50% from the peak ... it is cheap now?

Malakoff : A recent 'good news' about Tg Bin saw a spike up in volume and rebound from RM1.01 .... but fizzled out ... and now at RM1 level. I was catching at RM1.18 but have to cut-loss when RM1.10 broken and not in position now. Watching .... will it goes to become a penny?

Malton ... the game is over for these gang (IWCity and Ekovest)

MRCB : The so-called election play stocks ... many being trashed. No more election?

Presbhd : no bottom seen yet. SKIN issue ...

Tunepro : This is another in my list for bottom-fishing but technically, we could not 'catch' it yet.

Note ; I m in cash position as I sold most last-last Friday(cut-losses) and last Thu morning. So, need to be patient again to .... wait.

There are many more 'waterfalls' in my mind ... but listing few I m still watching for bottom-fishing.