Saturday, 8 July 2017

Atta-la : Update

Atta-la : I caught her at near bottom ... see if next week rebound to sell. In two days, it dived 40% .... crazy selling by the operators and many retailers might have to sell too(cut-loss?)

On Thu ... I caught her at 28 - 30cents ... but sold her off at 31cents. It was for my day-trading and profit few hundred bucks.

We shall see if my punt on Friday (still holding) would gain me another few hundred bucks or lose it if support broken (again? unlikely ... but we shall watch)

Stock Watch : I shown all my trades to my stock-watch group, including my losng stocks. As I have more win than lose (70% chances) , I m confident to show in to my group ... and with facebook-chatbox live ... they could ask questions too. It is also a learning platform ...

Join me in my stock-watch for this half year ... and see if it is your 'taste'.

e-mail or message : 012-821 0129

Have a nice trading week ahead as I m expecting KLCI to rebound after calling the top/pullback some 3 weeks ago.


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