Sunday, 13 August 2017

Waterfalls list : Part 1

Karex : losing more than 50% from the peak ... it is cheap now?

Malakoff : A recent 'good news' about Tg Bin saw a spike up in volume and rebound from RM1.01 .... but fizzled out ... and now at RM1 level. I was catching at RM1.18 but have to cut-loss when RM1.10 broken and not in position now. Watching .... will it goes to become a penny?

Malton ... the game is over for these gang (IWCity and Ekovest)

MRCB : The so-called election play stocks ... many being trashed. No more election?

Presbhd : no bottom seen yet. SKIN issue ...

Tunepro : This is another in my list for bottom-fishing but technically, we could not 'catch' it yet.

Note ; I m in cash position as I sold most last-last Friday(cut-losses) and last Thu morning. So, need to be patient again to .... wait.

There are many more 'waterfalls' in my mind ... but listing few I m still watching for bottom-fishing.


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