Thursday, 7 September 2017

My trades : #7 to #9

Day 4

Trade #7 :  Mitra

I bought Mitra yesterday at 1.09 and 1.10, as it gapped up in morning with volume ... and didnt know about some good news out (later on) and this morning, I sold it off at opening RM1.13 and RM1.12.

It is Friday ... time to clear stock and take back funds , being a short-term trader.

trade #8 : Aemulus : I bought into her 2 days ago ... a nice white hammer. BUT ... it failed to rebound. I bought at 60.5 and 61 cents.

Today, as I m in selling mode ... I sold off at 60.5 cents, incurring my FIRST losing trade for Sept. The loss is small ... and that is the idea.

LOSE SMALL if the trade not working well.

trade #9 : VS-wa : Wanting to sell her at 74cents ... but then, it is Friday!! I want to go jalan-jalan after lunch ... being monitoring and focus for 3days!! So ... today is relax day ... SELL. Sold her at 72.5 cents for good profit.

The score : 8 - 1 for this week #1

note : all these trades are shared 'live' with my trading group. 

have a nice weekend.


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