Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sept day #11

Yesterday was not a good day for me ...

Trade #1 : Done well in LeonFB ... bought a day before and sold for pofit. Have to sell as it formed shooting star, and failed to breakout.

Trade # 2 : Another stock I bought overnight but it failed to go higher yesterday and I had to cut-loss it (as it broken 62.5 cents)

Trade # 3 : CAB bought at 99.5, but have to sell at cost 99.5 (still lose the fees).

Trade #4 : Sendai : Caught her at bottom 84.5 but sold 85.5, was planning 86. It closed at 86.5 ... profit to cover fees.

Trade #5: AirAsia :Sold off for small profits as it has no follow thru after the breakout.

Trade #6 : AA-c53 ... greed inside , bought 17cents market, cut-loss 16.5cents, instead.

Still one trade in hand ... see i could sell for profit. Over-trading and wiltake a pause ... no mood after watching Liverpool lost their game ...

That is my update for yesterday's trades.


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