Monday, 11 September 2017

Sept Day #6 : Short Term Trades

trade #16 : MMSV

As I bought her at RM1.75 yesterday during sell-down ... and sold her at RM1.79 for my day-trade (it was done in 10 min or so), then rebounded strongly for me to buy for me to BUYBACK at closing price.

Sold all this morning RM1.89 for another good trade. Take good profits in few good trades, making sure our losses are 'small'.

Score : 12 - 4

trade #17 : Krono

Krono : This is another stock which I bought during selldown ... hit 89.5, i took at 90.5cents and sold at 92.5cents. Done .... and wait for closing. Well, it closed at good 95 level which I bought back. Just sold off at 99cents done, it is at RM1 now.

Note : WHO said hammer cannot buy ... are you are trader and understand how hammer works? Which is strong hammer and which is not?

Score : 13 - 4

I dont know about others ... for me, I do trade hammer very well. TQ.

Trade # 18 : VS-wa

Sold VS-wa at 79cents my past portion ... and won't be taking her anymore as it is too strong. Let others to chase. hit 80cents just now ... i m out. HIGH RISK at current level. Mommy at new high RM2.50 now and baby in-money.

Score : 14 - 4

Will update as i still have few 'live' trades on-going ... and need to sell for profit or loss.

IQGroup rebounded today .... zzz ....


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